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William Waters III - N7IPY

N-Guage DCC

Currently, as time allows, I have been working on a model railroad project.  The idea is to build a coffee table N-Gauge layout that runs totally autonomous via computer control using a technology called 'Digital Command Control', or DCC.

Using current model railroad technology the process is simplified as much of the design has already been done.  What I am designing is the block detection circuit that will provide train positional data to the controller, the controller and drive electronics, and of course the firmware that will run the whole project. 


Before investing the time to build the actual coffee table I decided to build a test layout.  Currently I am experimenting with a number of new technologies to detect train location on the track.  This is needed as I plan to have 2 trains running on a single track.  


Unfortunatly This project is now on hold as I have started on my Robot Project.

Lot of Wires

Lots of wires in this picture.  The wires for the 4 switch motors, and 8 track sections prior to attaching to the electronics.

Test Layout

The test layout can be seen in this picture with 2 short trains used for testing the electronics.


Block Detection Hardware

The switch motor controller and the block detection sense board can be seen in the close up picture.

All The Wires Connected


All wires attached.


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