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William Waters III - N7IPY

Home Station of N7IPY

The home station is currently in transition.  I have sold off most of the excess radios in preperation to purchase a Flex 6400.  I really want something that is network connected that I can access anywhere there is high speed innternet.  With a VPN server running at home, I have a high speed tunnel into the shack from the outside world so it should work well for the Flex Radio. 

Currently the station consists of an old but well taken care of late model FT-847.  I have it because it was once a great radio and I think is still well suited for Satellite operations.   I still have my trusty SB-200 and 43 foot vertical with remote tuner in the back but for now I have the FT-847 driving a 300 watt solid state amp. Lattley I have not had time to get on the radio.  Between the day job and building up Antenna Rotor Systems in all my not at the day job time, there is little time for on-air-fun.

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