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William Waters III - N7IPY


Portable Rotation manufactures and sells a complete Antenna Rotor System for Portable operations.  Go to the home page at:  www.portablerotation.com

The idea for this product started many years ago while helping a good friend of mine; Vern Wright – W6MMA with his Antenna Business.  Vern got me started in Amateur Radio again after about 10 years away from the hobby.  Vern designed, built and sold a very nice 3 element 6 Band Mono Yagi that fits into t a small carry bag.  Really cool solution for HF Portable operations.  The problem he had was that there was no simple solution to turning the antenna and he asked if I wanted to have a go at creating a solution.  Many things transpired and about 4 years later I had an engineered solution for a portable, 12 Volt, low current Rotor system that weighs about 4 pounds total (system in it’s carry bag).  My friend Vern has since passed away and his YP-3 yagi is getting hard to find for sale, but a few new  in box are around. still

I have now grown the product line to 3 different products plus accessories.  As this is a hobby web page I do not have product information here, just follow the link to learn about the products at Portable Rotation, Inc

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