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William Waters III - N7IPY

Off-Grid Solar Install

This year, 2012, we installed a 1.2KW Solar Off Grid system in the foothills of California.  The system is designed to handle high loads for short periods of time; like a 230VAC Well Pump.  We found a system that was being sold used and I tore it down keeping the large Inverts, solar panels and a few parts.  I then found the remaining parts and installed the system.

The system is based around 2 Trace (Xantrex) DR2412 Inverters synced to provide 230 VAC and 115 VAC.  It took a while but I found a new in the box Trace DC250 DC Power Panel and added a second 250AMP DC disconnect/Circuit Breaker.  I added a second Trace C40 Charge controller to allow for up to 80Amps of charge current from the Solar Panels.   A secondary but much smaller Inverter was added to the system to support always on appliances, battery chargers and other smaller loads. 

The system batteries consist of 12 6 Volt Golf Cart batteries wired in series parallel for 12 Volts.


Whole system mounted in its enclosure.
Close up of the DC Disconnect and monitoring system.

The battery box is built with an inner box and outer box with 1.5 inch foam insulation between the 2 boxes.  The outer box is built from 2x4s and ½ plywood.  The inner box is built from 3/16 plywood.  The inner box is sealed and then painted.  The top of the box is built in the same fashon.


The Wiring Diagram for the Full System

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