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William Waters III - N7IPY

QRP Go-Kit

My QRP Go-Box or more accurately Go-Kit is built around the FT-817 Multimode all band 5 Watt radio.

The kit is built around the FT-817 Radio.  The Yaesu FT-817 is a fun little radio, but also a capable radio.  With 5 Watts out when using an external battery you don’t have a bug gun station but it is able to make contacts and when matched to the proper antenna is fully capable.

I bought the radio used on eBay.  I am always nervous about spending big $$$s on something sight unseen, but I really got lucky with this radio.  I got it for half the cost that most sell for, it was clean inside and out and lightly used.  I added a few mods to the radio like the One Big Punch microphone processor and I also added the Audio DSP add-on which works well.  Both made a big difference and were worth the cost.  I also added the flip out feet and a mod to convert the small DC power plug into an Anderson Power Pole connection.

The QRP Go Kit consists of 2 Parts, the radio bag and the antenna bag.  The Radio Bag has:
  • FT-817 + OBP + DSP
  • LDG  Z817 Auto Tuner + Connecting Cables
  • 25 Feet of RG-58 Mini Coax
  • 2 Sets of high capacity rechargeable AA batteries
  • Home Made CAT interface cable and RS232 to USB converter
  • Power Pole Y Connector
  • Cig Lighter Power adapter
  • Mic and Paddle and original UHF/VHF antenna
  • Not shown in this picture is a 34 Ft long antenna wire and Ground plane wire.
  • Documents include the Nifty Manual for the radio, Band Plan Charts, Copy of License
The Antenna Bag includes:
  • MP-1 Antenna Kit + 80 Meter Coil
  • Single Radial
  • Home Made Antenna Mounting adapter
  • Light Duty Dynex Collapsible Tripod. 
  • Missing from the picture is a LDG 4:1 Balun for the wire antenna

Depending on what the mission of the day is, I can bring a 35 Watt HF-Packer AMP and 12AH Gell Cell which can help a lot if size and weight is not an issue.

The little Trypod came from Best Buy and was the lowest cost unit they had.  I removed the camera mount and then went to work finding something I could use to mount the antenna to it with.  I found standard PVC sprinkler pipe fit over the stub on the Tripod and a few metal parts, some sanding and a little paint and the mount was made.


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