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William Waters III - N7IPY

Below is how I mounted my second try at a Screw Driver HF Antenna. 

I own a FT-100 that is in full working order so I thought I would mount it semi-permanent as a mobile unit.  I decided on a Screw-Driver Antenna and chose the Alpine Screw Driver Antenna as it looked to fit my need and was in a price range I could almost afford.  I was stuck for a while on where to mount it on my old Dodge RAM, bet finally decided on a location, thought not optimal for function, but a compromise on best for RF and ease of use.  So I dug out the MIG welder and cut some light steel and over the course of a few days came up with the antenna mount.  I am very happy with the mount and the antenna does get me strange looks now and then, especially if I have the 2 VHF/UHF antennas up at the same time.  To park in the garage I need to remove the Whips on all the antennas but other than that, it is easy to take off using a quick disconnect.

Close up view of the mounting frame used to hold the antenna.  The top support is held inplace using PVC pipe and hose clamps.
In the process of doing the wiring.  Here the antenna mount is in the folded over position.  This drops the antenna into the truck bed out of sight.

Close up of the finished installation of the antenna base.

The finished install in the truck in my driveway.

During Christmas 2016 I replaced the old Alpine Antenna with a nice looking a new TarheelII Antenna and reinstalled the FT-857 into the truck.  Having access to a metal shop I was able to make a mounting system that fit my needsI wanted to have access to 80 and 40 meters  while driving around and found that the Tarheel fit my needs and looked nice too.  I ised a section of round delrin and turned it to fit on the lathe to make a short non conducting spacer. With this installation I spen some time with 1/2 wide grounding strap trying to bond the the major parts of the old truclk together.  I can hear a little ignition noise sometimes but I am good enough with the installation.  

Extra time was spent analyzing the performance of the shunt coil which paid off at getting a good match where ever I tuned to.  This type of antenna is a compromise as we cant cheet physics, but it is a well matched compromise.

For the screwdriver controller, I am using a product that I never brought to market.  It is a puls counting memory controller that actually works better than I thought it would.   It uses the same hand held controller that is used on the Portable Rotation Single axis Rotor system, with different firmware.  


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