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William Waters III - N7IPY

Amateur Radio Projects

I have been a ham for more years than I care to admit.  My call is N7IPY and I hold a Extra Class license.  I stopped working with Radio projects a number of years ago after I started flying as there are only so many hours in a day and I did not have time to spend on radio projects. A number of years ago I got involved in a C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) organization sponsored by Sacramento Metro Fire here in the East Sacramento area.  I have since retired from being the COMs Team Co-Leader and trainer and have now retired from CERT.   Below are some of my radio projects from the last few years.  I have a handful of other commercially developed communications projects that I have developed but I dont put a lot of business details on this webpage.

Currently the home station is a mix of old and new hardware.  The primary radio is currently an old FT-847 all mode HF/UHF/VHF Desktop Tranceiver.  It works well for it's age and the technology of it's time.  It currently attaches to a 300Watt Solid stat HF Amp that feeds out to a 43 Foot Vertical with remote Antenna tunner.   I constructed a Control Box to direct audio to the radio from a Headset/Desk Mic and audio out to an amplified Speaker or headphones.  The Control box also controls the use of any of 4 external power amps as the FT-847 has 4 different antenna connections. The plan is to replace the HF operations with a Flex Radio 6400 and keep the 847 for Satellite operations and backup HF.
I am STILL waiting for a Flex 6400 that I pre-order back at dayton 2017.  Moving into 9 months now since the radio was ordered and 6 mothspast due date.  I am told that mine will be shipped soon, I hope so, they have my $$$s.  I am very dissapointed in the way Flex Radio managed the release of this new radio.  Sold a bill of goods long before it was ready, and still can't tell customers when they wioll get their radio.  I am told a fw more weeks...


I own an old FT-857 Multimode all band 100 Watt radio that is in full working order so I thought I would mount it semi-permanent as a mobile unit.  I decided on a Screw-Driver-Antenna and chose the Alpine Screw Driver Antenna as it looked to fit my need and was in a price range I could almost afford.  Click the title to read about my Antenna Installation.   For christmas 2016 i bought myself aTarheelII Mobile Antenna and installed it on the truck.  The Alpine Antenna was warn out from the multiple years in the weather and ratteling on the back of the truck. 


This is my Emergency Communications deployment Go-Box project.  I wanted a single box that had everything equipment wise that I night need for an initial Emergency Communications Deployment. 
Click the title to see my design for a Go-Box design.


I also have been working on a QRP Go-Box, or more of a QRP Go-Bag.
The Idea is to make this very protable and light weight all mode HF/VHF/UHF station and to be self contained. 
Click the title to see my portable QRP hardware setup.


This purpose of this project was to repackaged an early model HF-Packer Amplifier used with the FT-817 radio.  The original packaging was very simple and not up to what I wanted in a chassis and I did not like the sharp edges of the external heat sink.  This is how I solved that problem.


I picked up an old Heathkit SB-200 Linear Amplifier. This is what I did to restore it to ‘Better Than’ new. [Update 6/11/14]

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