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William Waters III - N7IPY

Robot Voice
The Lost In Space Robot would not be complete without hsi voice,  My solution is described below as to how I interfaceed a MP3 Voice / Sound player to the B9.

I decided that my project needed a controllable voice.  To do this I looked for a controllable MP3 player and I found the perfect device.  I found the uMP3 Playback Module by Rogue Robotics (www.roguerobotics.com).  My interface design takes a simple 5 byte serial data packet and decodes the address and instructions, and if the data is properly formatted, issues a play sequence to the MP3 player.  My simple design easily supports 100 different voice sequences.  A voice sequence can be any .mp3 file from less than a second to the size of the SD memory card used by the Player.  It is a stereo device, so one channel with have the voice, the second channel will have the mechanical sounds.  My interface design allows for the muting and volume control of each channel.  This is my first project to use the new uCPUs and 100% 'C' code.  Using a JTAG interface is sooooo much easier than the older In Circuit Emulator that I needed when working with Asembly Language code.

The serial MP3 interface hardware attached to the uMP3 Player. 
Prototype built to test the design of the uMP3 player

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