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William Waters III - N7IPY

The Neck Up
Finished From The Neck Up

After getting a slightly used Aluminum Brain Cup and Neck bracket I was finally able to finish the first phase of my B9 Robot project.  All the parts that needed it were primed and then painted and the final assembly was then started.


The parts in this phase include:


-       Home Made Brain

-       Home Made Crown

-       Home design Light Controller

-       Home Made Cam

-       Brain Cup and Neck Bracket by John Levenick

-       Bubble and Bottom Plate by Fred Barton

-       Finger Lights by Gary Olley

-       Eye Lense by Gary Olley


Unique Features of this Brain/Bubble Assembly:


-       Lightweight brain made from construction paper, light ply and fiberglass.

-       Remotely controlled lighting sequences to 33 High Intensity LEDs

-       Red LASER light for the Eyes (someday to be blue)

-       All Incandescent bulbs converted to LED


Inside of the Neck Bracket.  I milled out two slots for the motor terminals to go into.  This removed the risk of shorts and lowered the motor some.  I also milled a channel to allow the power and control wires to exit below the motor.  Click picture to enlarge.

The inside of the brain cup.  The 7 finger light wires and control wires are routed through two of the 3 access holes drilled into the brain cup.  You can also see the brass sleeves used to support the brass push rods for the finger light movement.  Click picture to enlarge


Homemade brain cam and brass push rods.  Notice that glued into the ends of push rods are nylon screws used as a bearing surface between the push rods and the brain cam.  Also in the picture are the locking collar and 1 of 3 plastic shaft bearings.  Click picture to enlarge


Close up of the Delran Brain Cam.  I bought a 2 inch long 2 inch diameter stick from Tap Plastics and turned it on my Unimat-3 Lathe, then hand milled the cam lobes.  At the top of the shaft you can see the top of a steel rod used to hold the Crown.  Click picture to enlarge.


Assembly of the parts that go into the Brain Cup.  Notice the 2 5-volt regulators mounted to the inside top of the cup; great heat sink.  The finger rods external to the brain cup are covered to protect the paint finish.  Click picture to enlarge


Inside of the brain showing the final wiring:  In this picture you can also see the light plastic that I ‘fogged’ with my palm sander to help diffuse the bright white led light.  Click picture to enlarge

Modified Light Bulb.  This bulb has been converted to an LED for low current and low heat generation.  Grind off the bottom and clean out the insides of the base with a Dremmel Tool and cutting bit.  Glue in the LED and current limiting resistor.

The Brain assembly without the top of the bubble on.  Assembly of all the different subassemblies into a working unit requires about 3 hands and a lot of patients.



The finished Bubble Assembly.  Everything working.  Click picture to enlarge.
The finished Bubble side view.  The flash washes out the LASER light in the eyes.  Click picture to enlarge.

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The bubble will move up and down using a high speed linear actuator that has been tested with the bubble.  I would like it to be a little faster but the up/down speed is OK.  I don't want it to move too fast, might shake the internal brain parts loose.

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