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Building The Crown

Home made Crown
Another View
Third View

I built the crown from 2 different thicknesses of aluminum stock I bought at the local hobby Town.  The base is bought out of a sheet of 0.064x10x4 inch and the 12 fins are made from 2 sheets of 0.016x10x4 inch stock.  I drew a 4 inch diameter circle on the base material and used my band-saw to cut the basic shape and used the belt sander to finish the shape.  It took a little planning but I drew out the drill pattern for both holes of each fin on the bottom plate and drilled the holes using the drill press. I decided to use small screws to hold the crown together (sorry to the purest) as I do not have what it takes to use rivets. All 24 holes were then tapped to the screw size to be used.


To build the crown fins, I bought a small 8” Break/Press and both cut the fins to size and then bent the 45 degree angle.  I have to say, the new Break/Press worked great.  I hand measured the fins to the base, drilled and attached the fins. 


Overall, a very fun little project, only cost about $10,  and I think it turned out looking very nice.

The parts after cutting
Home Made Crown on the Home Made Brain

As the finish I decided to use a slight texture which helped give it a glistening look in the light.  I used my hand rotary sander with a fine sand paper and lightly sanded all the surfaces to get a consistent look. So far I am very happy with the way my crown turned out.


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