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Here you can find links to a number of the electronic design projects I have developed over the years, some are getting a little dated now.  I have always enjoyed the challenge of developing an idea into a real device that provides some useful or novel operation.  Some of the projects I have done under corntract for large customers, but most of the projects I have done were to solve a particular need and because I enjoy 'tinkerring' with electronics.

CNC Router ------------------------> CNC Router
Remote Weather Station  --------> RemoteWX
Fiber Channel Cable Tester  -----> Fibre Channel Cable Tester
N-Guage DCC  ---------------------> N-Guage DCC
Christmas Lighting Controller ---> lights
Solar Hanger Project -------------> Solar Hanger
Off-Grid Solar Install -------------> Off-Grid
B9-Robot Project -------=--------> B9-Project

The above links take you to a number of the projects I have done in the past few years.  I have many more but not the time or the space to document them all here. 
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